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Star Moon Diamond-Studded Necklace

Star Moon Diamond-Studded Necklace

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We calendar feast in the dark night when looking at the starry sky, see the stars face to face the moon, distance close enough to hear each other's heartbeat. Even if we are separated by thousands of mountains, separated by mountains of people, you close to me a little bit, I also close to you a little bit, the distance between us is shortened a little bit.

Love itself is the proximity of two hearts. Too eager to get close, will be burned by each other's light and heat, can only make each other high assault distance farther and farther, over time between the two separated by the distance between Mars and the Earth. Love itself is two hearts slowly close. You close to me a little bit, I also close to you a little bit, we feel each other's temperature and breath can be a little bit more.

Product Description
Treatment Process: Electroplating
Type: necklace
Color: 21 [gold]/22 [silver]]/
Product Category: necklace
Multi-layer or not: Yes
Pendant material: Alloy
Chain style: Regular chain
Material: Alloy
Customized processing: no
Whether cross-border export is exclusively available: no
Popular elements: Rhinestone/Moon/hot rhinestone/XINGX/XINGX
Circumference: 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)
Extension chain: less than 10cm
Necklace length: 42 5cm
Packaging: Independent packaging
With pendant: Yes
Style: Unisex
Year of listing/Season: summer 2022
Modeling: star and moon
Style: Simple

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