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Tiffany - Messy Bun Short Wired Updo Extension

Tiffany - Messy Bun Short Wired Updo Extension

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Good quality. Great color match. I love how quickly I can party ready hair without a trip to the Salon!

Meet Tiffany, our best-selling, short-length wired updo extension piece!


Tired of waking up early to have to figure out a new style for the day? Want an easy look that takes seconds to create? Then Tiffany is for you! Create an elegant "messy bun" style in seconds and be ready for the day! Perfect if you need to look professional or just want a quick easy bun style. Dress it up with any of our beautiful accessories. For a smaller, natural look you may use just one piece.

  • Available in 24 colors for a perfect match 
  • Synthetic Microfibre Material 
  • Use single or as a pair 

This hair extension piece is the sister version of the Rena.

To Use: Simply make a bun with your natural hair, then insert one piece under the bun and twist the ends around your bun. Insert the second piece on the top of the bun and make sure that this piece locks with the other piece in order to create a secure fit. Tiffany provides a secure fit making this item very popular among dance teams, cheer teams, and figure skaters.

Care Instructions: Wash once every 30-40 wears by hand in warm water using gentle shampoo and conditioner. Brush with a gentle hair brush (Euphoria Paddle Brush recommended). This is a synthetic microfibre Hair Extension. DO NOT apply hair color or heat to this product.

Start by placing your hair in a tight, secure bun. Low or high!

Place the first piece of Tiffany underneath your bun, and the second piece on top of your bun.

Loosely bend the wires around your bun to desired shape!

Finish with an easy, elegant up do style!

Model is wearing color S08.
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