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The World's First Play Ottoman

The World's First Play Ottoman

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Four sturdy foam pieces nest together to create a sleek and stylish round ottoman for kids and kids-at-heart, with a plethora of play possibilities packed inside!

Play, jump, chill, craft, compete, build, and of course, grow your imagination. Bonus: after you play, Chunk nests together and packs away!

Chunk Dimensions. Pad is 3.25" high, 33" diameter. Puck is 5.5" high, 21.75" diameter. Hoop is 11" high, 33" diameter

Chunk is 33" wide and 14.25" high in its ottoman configuration.

  • Remove covers and zip closed
  • Machine wash covers on coldest setting with like colors
  • Hang dry to prevent shrinking

Go Ahead, Play A-round

This is no ordinary round ottoman, it’s The World’s First Play Ottoman™! Key word here: PLAY! It’s more than aesthetic playroom furniture – Chunk is delightfully versatile, fun and functional, and (maybe best of all) after you play, it all packs away.

Packed with Possibilities™

Form, function, and fun in just four foam pieces...

: A large, thin foam piece that acts as the ottoman lid, the cushioned back of a Chunk chair, or a safe place to jump to when crossing a (pretend) river of lava.

Hoop: A strong and supportive foam ring makes up the outside of the ottoman, and may or may not be a portal to another dimension.

Pucks: Two smaller and thicker foam pieces that nest inside the hoop and can easily be removed for hundreds of uses, like stepping stones to your Nugget castle!




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